Faith without work is dead

St. Seraphim of Sarov. James 2:26

For many years we have been engaged in support of churches, monasteries and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, located in all corners of the world. Thanks to its mobile structure, with the help of public diplomacy and the Orthodox heart, the Society helps Russian compatriots living abroad. The geography is vast… Russia, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and many other countries where Russian churches, monasteries, and parishes are located.

The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow takes an active part in implementing the state policy of the Russian Federation to support compatriots abroad. This activity is one of the priorities of the Moscow City Government and is carried out on the basis of the Law “On Supporting Compatriots Living Abroad by the Moscow City Government” adopted in September 2009. Moscow is the only subject of the Federation, which carries out cooperation with compatriots on the targeted legislative basis.

In recent years, hundreds of monasteries and temples of the Russian Orthodox Church have received the necessary utensils, financial and other material support.

In 2022 our forces with the support of the Russian Federation embassies abroad, the representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo, non-indifferent public organizations in Russia and abroad and organizations of compatriots living abroad will deliver a large number of church utensils, icons, books and other assistance to the Orthodox Church, living far away from Russia and its capital.

Anyone who would like to join us and become a part of a good and useful Orthodox work. If you would like to be a part of our work, please email [email protected]

 Map of churches and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, programs 2021

Map of churches and parishes in the Russian Orthodox Church that have received assistance from 2013 to 2020

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